6-Year Anniversary Post

By Joanne Phillips, MS, RD

April 15, 2013

First I want to thank you all for acknowledging my 6 year anniversary, it means so much to have your continued support.  While 6 years have gone by, April 15th will always be the day my life changed.  

I took this picture at Christmas when I was at my friend’s store in New Jersey.  I thought it was fitting to put it with my post this year. 

For many years I didn’t feel that could win the battles that came with a severe brain injury, broken bones and torn muscles. Truth be told, I still haven’t won all the battles that accompany my injuries, but I now have something that has gained more power in my life and helps me continue to fight forward each day: FAITH.

No doubt there are hundreds of directions a traumatic brain injury can go.  For some reason God gave me an opportunity to live, to walk, to talk, to function independently, to still have a great career, to keep ALL the memories of my life, to keep my eye-sight which I was in very serious jeopardy of losing. 

While 6 years later my days are not always easy, they have become more manageable. My brain has become stronger, the emotional swings has lessened, which I am very grateful for! There is still more work to be done so I will continue with my therapies and hope there are more miracles in store for me!  

” Keep your eyes on your faith because sometimes that is all you will have”

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