A Message to My Caregiver

By Joanne Phillips, MS, RD

Written March 20, 2014

I visualize a “Help Wanted” ad for TBI Caregivers reading like this: 

“Caregiver Needed: the pay sucks, the hours suck, you will be both physically and mentally exhausted, you still need to manage your own problems in life, oh yes one other very important fact, after you do all this work nothing is guaranteed with the person you are supporting.  Basically you need to do this job because you care more about this person then yourself. Any takers???”

Thankfully, one very special friend took this job on for me.  Darcy, to say “Thank you” for all that you have endured with me over the last almost 7 years seems so insignificant.  You have been by my side EVERY step of my recovery, you put up with my horrific mood swings and massive depression for years. God knows it wasn’t pretty most of the time. You took the time to learn about Traumatic Brain Injury so you could better understand me and what I was going through. You were my second set of ears at my doctor’s appointments.  You were where I could feel safe being at my lowest point and not feel judged. You sacrificed so much of yourself to get me through countless times of uncertainty. The unconditional love you showed me day in and day out kept me alive when I was barely able to keep my head above water and I no longer wanted to stay. I am still here because of you and your faith in me.  

Thank you for never giving up on me and always believing that “I was still in there” 🙂  

With love and gratitude always,

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