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Joanne Phillips, MS, RD

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Joanne Phillips, MS, RD is a nutritionist who has been in the Functional Medicine Industry for over 20 years.  She received her BS in Nutrition from Montclair State University in New Jersey and her Masters Degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

In 2007, Joanne was out for a jog and was waiting by the side of the road to cross the street. Just at that moment, two cars collided, pushing one of the cars into her at 35 miles per hour. She sustained a severe TBI among other injuries. Listen to her story in the video below.

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A message from the Founder of Empowered Through TBI, Joanne Phillips, MS, RD.

Welcome to Empowered Through TBI!  We are here for you, the traumatic brain injury survivor as well as your caregivers and anyone who wants to learn how to support better brain health.

The brain is the most important organ of the body. It gives us our personality, our ability to process information, to organize, to think, to relate to people, and to perform daily activities. Our brain determines our emotions. When the brain gets damaged, all of those things are in jeopardy.

Everyone has a unique experience after a brain injury. Because no two injuries are alike, it becomes challenging to navigate and understand all of the options that are available to support healing. Advancements in conventional and functional medicine change so fast that it is difficult to keep track of it all. Even the most well-meaning doctors are often ill-equipped to help survivors of a brain injury choose the most effective therapies.

I started Empowered Through TBI to fill this need—the need for a central hub of information and resources for survivors of TBI. Healing from a TBI is never easy, but discovering therapies and opportunities to support that healing should not be hard.

Through the information at Empowered Through TBI, we consider both conventional and unconventional therapies. We interview experts who know about diet, nutritional supplements, lab and metabolic testing, stem cell/PRP therapy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, cold laser therapy, cranial-osteopathy, mind-body connection, exercise, neurorehabilitation, brain scanning, light therapy and more. You will learn about therapies through our site that you may never discover anywhere else.

We also consider the caregivers, those who I call the “unsung heroes” of the traumatic brain injury community. We offer ways for them to stay healthy and avoid burnout during challenging times.

On a final note, I want to acknowledge that everyone can benefit from better brain health. The therapies we discuss on our podcast and in our blog could help survivors of TBI as well as anyone who wants to improve overall brain health. We are dedicated to the traumatic brain injury community as well as anyone looking to educate themselves on overall brain wellness.

As you can read in my story below, I know personally how disempowering a traumatic brain injury can be. I have lived through darkness and emerged on the other side. That is why I am excited to help YOU become EMPOWERED Through TBI!

In health,

Joanne Phillips

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My Story

On April 15, 2007, I was out for a run and waiting on a curb to cross the street. Just at that moment, two cars collided, pushing one of the cars into me at 35 miles per hour. I suffered a decompressed skull fracture with a subdural and epidural hematoma.  I had multiple facial fractures including my left eye orbit along with a broken neck, back, leg and torn ACL, PCL and MCL of my right knee. I also lost my ability to smell and taste.

After being resituated in the ER, I underwent multiple surgeries that included a craniotomy with removal of my right skull flap and was put in a medically induced coma for 10 days.  The medical expectations for me were low but by the Grace of God I survived.  Surviving a brain injury is just the first part of the battle. I found that surviving the recovery was a whole different war.

For years, I suffered severe chronic pain along with tremendous emotional problems from my brain injury. Over the years, I worked tirelessly trying to put brain, body and life back together.

My road back did not come with a map or book telling me what to do or what therapy to try, I was left to figure things out for myself. Over the years I utilized countless modalities to optimize my healing and I left no stone unturned in my journey to get better.  It wasn’t an easy road back but with hard work, determination and a drive to get better I eventually found my way and I am thriving today!

I developed Empowered Through TBI to be able to provide resources and education to the traumatic brain injury community, so you know all the options that are available to you. This site is committed to empowering you and I hope you will find the information on this site to be invaluable to your recovery and overall wellness.

Our Commitment

A traumatic brain injury can leave people feeling lonely and isolated—like there are no options and nowhere to turn. You deserve better. We are here as a centralized resource hub for survivors, caregivers, and ANYONE who wants to optimize their brain's healing potential.

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