Checking Off the Boxes (11-Year Anniversary Post)

By Joanne Phillips, MS, RD

Written April 15, 2018

I didn’t know if I was going to write a post honoring my anniversary but seeing I recently checked off a MAJOR  box on my goal list with getting my TRUE self back after my stem cell and PRP therapy, it forced me, in a good way, to reflect on these last 11 years and the role faith has played in my journey.


Is all about believing, you don’t know how or when it will happen, but you know it will.

It is the complete trust or confidence in something or someone.

I remember being in the hospital thinking “all or nothing” not truly understanding the long road to recovery I was about to embark on and the many challenges that lie ahead of me.  My goals were lofty and what sat next to each one of them was an extensive list of empty boxes waiting to be checked off.

As the years passed, many of those boxes remained unchecked. It was frustrating and getting harder to trust that with each passing year I would ever be able to check them all off.

Keeping my faith strong during those times wasn’t easy.

I wish I could tell you that my faith never wavered during these last 11 years, but the truth is my faith has been far from perfect.  I have had more than my share of days teetering on the edge of a cliff wanting to jump off but each time I got to the edge something kept pulling me back.  That something was faith, at times it was my own but more often it was the unshakable faith that a friend had in me that pulled me off the cliff’s edge time and time again not letting me give up and keeping me focused on my goals.

Sometimes it’s not just the faith we have within ourselves but the faith that others have in us that gives us strength and allows us to start believing again.

Now, 11 years later, all but one of those boxes remain unchecked.

The final one:

Regaining my ability to smell and taste.

Do I have the faith that I will check off that last box?

You can count on it!

My story is just getting started!

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