Looking Up

By Joanne Phillips, MS, RD

June 11, 2019

For 11 years my traumatic brain injury had me always looking down.

Looking down on myself, looking down on my life, looking down with no self-confidence, looking down in shame, looking down in fear, looking down in self doubt, looking down in confusion, looking down in anger, looking down in sadness, looking down in loss, looking down in torment.

Would I ever look up again?

The answer, Yes.

For over a year, my eyes have moved from being fixated on the negative ground I walked on for so long and have now shifted upwards towards the sky of possibilities.

I look up and smile softly in gratitude. I am grateful God gave me a second chance, I am grateful I had someone who didn’t give up on me, I am grateful for my will to keep going, I am grateful for my healing, I am grateful I found myself again and I am grateful to be able to fulfill my purpose.

Life is beautiful when you can look up, hold your head high and think to yourself, I made it!

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